1/9/19-$170 to
the Art Dept to visit the Barnes Foundation
2/13/19-$300 to
the English Dept to visit the Nat'l Holocaust Museum
4/10/19-$80 to
the Counseling Dept for Jumpstart for Juniors
06/01/19- 3 $250 scholarships to graduating seniors
10/10/19- $500 to DECA for Int'l Career Dev Conf for 10 students in TN
1/9/19-$70 for refreshments for student volunteers at Curriculum Expo
1/14/19-$93 to the Math Dept for the Math League Competition
2/13/19-$360 to
the Scout Newspaper to renew the online publishing tool
2/13/19-$250 to
the National Honor Society for their support CFFE
4/10/19-$800 to
the Math Dept for Ti-Nspire rovers and hubs
4/10/19-$300 to
the Social Studies Dept to replace 30 books
08/19/19- $255 to the Language Dept for 30 Spanish/English dictionaries
9/11/19- $500 to the Music Dept for travel expenses to the Choral Directors Association Conference in Louisiana
12/01/19- $105 to Math Club for BCML competition
10/22/19- $100 to Counseling Dept for FAFSA presentation